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"I am a woman from Cameroon.  I used to think it was shameful that someone would have HIV.  I thought only people who lived immoral lives got HIV and that as long as I was living a good, moral life I wasn't in any danger of being infected."  "Then I got a phone call....I was HIV positive." "I left the hospital that day very sad, believeing that I would die.  I had no hope."  My neice called SAYFSM.  SAYFSM staff sat down with me, educated me about HIV, and referred me to an HIV doctor.  They encouraged me to attend the SAYFSM HIV Support Group.  "I  went to the next meeting of the support group and met wonderful people.   I couldn't believe everyone there had HIV - the women looked healthy and beautiful!  The support group continues to be a source of strength, and I try to never miss a meeting."

SAYFSM programs include:



HIV: SAYFSM educates the community about HIV prevention and risk reduction. SAYFSM gives presentations at community events, churches, youth gatherings, and to groups of newly resettled refugees. SAYFSM also develops culturally and linguistically appropriate television and radio programs, and written materials to effectively reach the general African-born population.


Tobacco:  SAYFSM educates the community about the use of tobacco products and its harms.  Additionally, the agency advocates for limits to the sale of certain tobacco products and age limits.

CARE ADVOCACY: SAYFSM provides an array of services to meet the many needs of African immigrants and refugees, including: assistance with basic needs, such as housing, furniture, household items, food, clothing, employment; referrals to clinics, mental health providers, legal services, ESL classes; translation and interpreting; and transportation to appointments and SAYFSM activities.


MEDICAL CASE MANAGEMENT/NON-MEDICAL CASE MANAGEMENT: SAYFSM provides culturally appropriate extended medical case management, meeting the needs of African individuals living with HIV/AIDS who need longer-term, intensive support. The medical case managers conduct risk assessments and create care plans to address client needs from a holistic perspective. They help clients access health services and promote quality health outcomes, empowering them with education about HIV/AIDS, treatment, and medication options, and help clients access necessary resources to address housing, transportation, employment, education, legal, insurance, or other needs.


PSYCHOSOCIAL SUPPORT GROUP: SAYFSM facilitates a culturally appropriate psychosocial support group for African immigrants and refugees living with HIV. Trained, culturally competent facilitators foster a supportive environment and provide participants with education that empowers them to take care of themselves, and reduce risks of super infections and HIV transmission.


WOMEN'S SELF-SUFFICIENCY PROGRAM "Under One Roof":   Women attend sewing classes and receive education about HIV/AIDS and other health topics.  They are empowered to take control of their lives, boosting self-esteem, and improving mental and physical health. In addition to sewing, the program offers quilting and fiber spinning and weaving classes.

ELIMINATING HEALTH DISPARITIES INITIATIVE (EHDI):  Community/faith leaders are trained to support their communities; reducing stigma through education and acceptance of HIV in their communities; and have the resources needed to provide education, support, and referrals to their members.   They promote educational events at their religious or community site.

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