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 ๐Ÿ’œ 2PM 5/7/20 Update: You powered through our initial matching challenge of $15,000, and then our huge stretch challenge! All $30,000 of matching funds have been claimed, and we are thankful for additional gifts to power this work. #GiveAtHomeMN continues through  11:59pm on Friday, May 8th.

St. Stephenโ€™s Street Outreach, emergency shelters, and housing programs continue to operate amid the pandemic and we are committed to maintaining these essential services to help some of our most vulnerable community members weather this pandemic. 

Early on, we expanded hours at our 2 emergency shelters to provide services and a place for guests to stay 24/7. Our Street Outreach team began working seven days a week to focus on monitoring campsites, providing a public health response, and ensuring people have food and items needed to shelter safely in place. And our housing case managers continue to work (predominantly remotely) with clients to obtain and maintain stable housing. 

This week, we are relocating all current shelter guests, as well as a significant number of unsheltered adults to a hotel, where we will provide joint case management services with Our Saviourโ€™s Community Services. 

We know the people we serve are at greater risk of physical and economic consequences from COVID-19 and its ripple effects, and we will do all that we can to help individuals and families navigate these challenges. 

Your support is vital to keep our clients connected to critical services now and into the future. 

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Last year St. Stephen's served 6,573 total individuals, making up 5,007 households:

  •  More than 2,300 individuals had more than 6,000 engagements with our Street Outreach Workers

  • 1,256 individuals of all gender identities were provided emergency shelter for at least one night

  • 611 families, including 808 adults and 1,369 children, were supported in our family housing programs

  • 440 individuals were supported in our housing programs for single adults

  • 106 families received prevention services to help maintain stable housing

Our mission is ending homelessness

Our goal is to support individuals and families experiencing homelessness in achieving permanent, affordable housing. We progress toward this goal through street outreach, shelter, and housing programs. We meet people where they are and work together toward self-sufficiency and housing stability. 

We envision a community in which housing instability is rare, brief, and non-recurring, ending homelessness as we know it. Learn more about our work by visiting our website at

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