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Strikepoint is an eleven-member handbell ensemble from Duluth, MN. Since 1984 we have performed as a directorless ensemble, traveling throughout the U.S. and Canada, as well as overseas to England, Scotland, Wales, Sweden, Japan, and Hong Kong. What makes Strikepoint unique? Well, there's that directorless thing. We perform at a consistently high level and are often invited to be the featured performers at handbell festivals. We're a church-based community/professional group. The group has always had a variety of ages, with some ringers as young as thirteen. We've been at the forefront of handbell technique innovation (have you seen us dip bells in water to bend the sound?). We've commissioned composers to write music for us; when that music is published, it contributes to the expansion of handbell music available for all groups to play. Strikepoint is self-sustaining, raising money primarily through concert donations and recordings sales. We dream big, always looking for ways to push the handbell envelope.

What will we do with your financial gift? This summer Strikepoint is planning an extraordinary journey to Japan, where we'll be participating in the 21st International Handbell Symposium in Hamamatsu. This project, of course, comes with substantial expenses. Transporting eleven people, along with multiple octaves of handbells and chimes, as well as a lot of other necessary equipment, entails significant cost. We have been raising funds for this since our last international tour to Sweden in 2016 and right now have about 80% of what is needed. This trip is far more expensive than we had originally planned, and that's why we're reaching out for your support.

In Hamamatsu there will be 700 handbell ringers, all playing the same music at the same time, with directors from each of the member countries leading the massed group. Plus breakout sessions for handbell techniques and international culture.

Strikepoint has been fortunate to attend five previous international events, beginning with the 2nd International Handbell Symposium in Gotemba, Japan back in 1986, and most recently in Orlando, Florida, in 2008. Reflecting on those experiences, we recognize their profound impacts. They were more than just a trip; they were transformative journeys that extended far beyond borders. This upcoming symposium isn't merely about a musical excursion; it's an opportunity to foster connections through the universal language of music and strengthen our bonds with communities worldwide.

Not only are we participating in the mass ringing at Symposium, Strikepoint has been selected as the only group to represent the U.S. in a televised concert for charity. This is a huge honor.

Upon our return to Duluth, we are eager to share the wealth of knowledge and inspiration gained from this experience with our church, local community, audiences, and fellow ringers. Your contribution will not only assist us in covering the costs of our travels but will also enrich the depth and breadth of what Strikepoint has to offer.

We hope you'll consider making a contribution as we embark on this journey to Japan, carrying the spirit of harmony and camaraderie through the art of handbell ringing.

On a handbell, the "strikepoint" is a mark etched into the side of the bell indicating where the clapper should strike in order to produce the truest sound. That's our goal: to produce the truest sound and make music at the highest level. Your donations will help us reach that goal and help us share our unique and innovative version of handbell virtuosity.

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