Saint Paul Police Foundation

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$13,957 Raised

Saint Paul is a special community. It is also Minnesota’s capital and gathering place that connects with so many of us. Keeping a community safe and secure is an incredible responsibility.

Meeting this challenge has never been more important as Saint Paul and other communities face complex and evolving public safety challenges. Each day the amazing women and men of the Saint Paul Police Department dedicate themselves to being true public servants by connecting with and engaging the entire community. To help support them and the work they do, the Saint Paul Police Foundation is an important partner and resource to support the department, its officers, and its leadership. 

The Saint Paul Police Foundation is a way for us to join together and support the people who dedicate themselves to serve us by making sure our community continues to be a safe place to live, work, and connect.

Funds raised will go towards the following programs:

-Community to Cops: Gives adults from all backgrounds in the Saint Paul community the opportunity to pursue a career in law enforcement

-Shop with Cops & the Police Activities League: Gives Police Officers and Saint Paul youth the opportunity to interact and get to know each other with fun activities!

-Officer Wellness: Programs that ensure Saint Paul Police Officers are at their best social and mental health while policing our community

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Saint Paul Police Foundation

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161 Saint Anthony Ave
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55103

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