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St. Jerome School Mission Statement
St. Jerome School, grounded in Catholic tradition, believes each student is a child of God and challenges each one to achieve academic excellence, to live the Gospel and to serve others by making a positive contribution in the world.

St. Jerome School Philosophy
We believe that St. Jerome Parish School is a community that makes the pursuit of academic excellence an integral part of its lived experience of faith. We emphasize the dignity of every person as a child of God and the importance of working together for the good of all people.

Recognizing that parents are the primary educators of their children, St. Jerome's works closely with families to provide a total, Catholic Christian education in the four interlocking areas of gospel message, community, worship and service.

We believe that St. Jerome’s Parish School strives to relate all “human culture eventually to the news of salvation, so that the life of faith will illumine the knowledge which students gradually gain of the world, of life and of mankind.”

The school strives to proclaim to its students the gospel message This is formally accomplished through the Religion Program, which has a defined curriculum of scripture, doctrine, morality, sacraments, prayer, liturgy, and social teachings. The message is deeply rooted in the Bible.

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