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For nearly thirty years, Stevie Ray's Improv Company has helped people in challenging situations, including at-risk youth, the homeless, victims of abuse, the incarcerated, mentally challenged, and senior citizens. Now we have formalized the program with the "Skills for Life Project." The program teaches skills to help people work better together as well as advocate for themselves, This means getting jobs, housing, or whatever they need to remain vital members of society. The types of people we claim to serve might seem broad by many standards, but the skills we teach - thinking on the spot in tough situations, speaking for one's self in challenging environments, working with others, and positive communication skills - are crucial to anyone seeking to improve their lives. The list of populations served are not speculation; they represent the groups we have already served since the organization was founded in 1989.
For instance, Jacob came to us due to advanced agoraphobia. His condition kept him housebound and living on disability. In our classes he found an atmosphere that, while challenging, was supportive and growth oriented. Two years later he had a job, and actually married a fellow Stevie Ray's student. He still must deal with the daily challenge of his condition, but he is working and enjoying a life with his new family.
Or Felicia, a woman living with her two children in a shelter for victims of domestic abuse. Because victims of abuse are often kept separated from the outside world, Felicia had no employment or rental history, which was a major obstacle to creating a new home for her family. After a month of classes with a Stevie Ray's Certified Trainer, she came bursting into a session screaming, "I got an apartment!" When asked how she did it she said, "I did what you taught me, and it worked! Now I'm going to do the same thing to get a job."

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