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We all love light at night! But of course, sometimes artificial light can be excessive or obtrusive. When this happens, light can pollute our environment just like waste or noise or chemicals can. The good news? Light pollution is the easiest form of pollution to clean up. The place to start is with awareness and community action, starting with us in our own backyard!

We have the power to impact our night skies, and Starry Skies Otter Tail County is doing something about it.

Our Vision is to pursue dark sky restoration and preservation in Otter Tail County by promoting the applications of outdoor lighting that meet the requirements of the International Dark Sky Association.

Starry Skies Otter Tail County Goals include:

• To promote improved outdoor nighttime quality of life for residents and visitors

• To support protection of human health, nocturnal wildlife habitats and public enjoyment of the night sky and its heritage

• To promote the ideals of the International Dark Sky Association (IDA) by encouraging businesses and residents of Otter Tail County to identify dark skies as a valuable community asset and aspiration

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