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Why We Do It On 7-May-2019 a CT scan showed a brain tumor in our 18-year-old son; Vincent. After the first two surgeries we realized that one of us could no longer work. We started looking for support through grants and from our community. Surprisingly there was not much support in the form of grants for children over the age of 18 and most foundations are area and cancer specific. Lucky for us we had a lot of community support. We started researching and learned that there were families losing homes, savings accounts, jobs; everything they had worked so hard for. We decided we had the means and ability to figure this out. The foundation was born.

Our son passed away on 9-Jan-2020 after having endured 9 brain surgeries and multiple kinds of chemotherapy. He stayed positive throughout the process and we believe it was because we always had a family member with him. Vincent was one to always lend a hand to others and always placed faith in others when they couldn’t see it for themselves. We are going to continue that commitment to others; having faith in people and communities to step up and support one another.

Goal To give parent(s)/guardian(s) their freedom of choice to stay with their child; without having to worry about the financial consequences of their decision.

More It is our belief that no parent/guardian should have to stress about the financial burden of leaving their employment to stay with their child during these times. Medicine goes a long way in the recovery of cancer patients, but the support a parent/guardian can provide to their child is paramount in the success of the treatment. The journey from diagnosis to remission is different for every patient, but there is one fact that spans all; this is every parents’ worst nightmare come true and it is the most helpless moment they will ever face. We will stand by them as they stand by their child. Together we Stand with Them.

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