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Stamina Racing Collective is a Minneapolis based cycling team. Our goal is to strengthen and diversify the pipeline of FTW (femme/trans/women) riders in competitive cycling through mentorship, community development, and enhanced accessibility.

Cycling, especially racing, isn’t a particularly diverse sport. Financial barriers, systemic acts of exclusion, and feeling a lack of community all affect who actively rides, and more importantly, who continues to ride. Stamina seeks to enhance ridership and promote a sense of community among FTW, BIPOC cyclists as a means of addressing attrition in the sport. We have set a fundraising goal of $20,000 to help us build the strongest team possible. Stamina will use these funds for: 

  • Startup costs: we were fortunate enough to have many items donated, though some were purchased. We intend to pay those initial costs and cover the fees associated with our 501c(3) filing. 
  •  Training camp: like many Minnesota teams, we will seek a warmer climate for a spring training camp. Stamina will use this time to push our limits, bond as a team, and plan how to use our collective voice to advance equity in the community. 
  • Additional training costs (e.g., coaching, skills clinics, advanced bike fittings) : we built a team based on passion, inclusion, and a commitment to advancing equity in cycling. We recognize that there are barriers for many riders, including individuals on the team, when it comes to training expenses. Stamina hopes to provide its members with tools that established riders have access to via industry connections or financial access; opportunities rarely afforded to BIPOC FTW riders. 

We are grateful to the many people who have made in-kind donations to get us rolling, to folks near and far who have amplified our voice on social media, and the many local cyclists who have offered encouragement and connections. We are excited to take this next step, one that will set Stamina Racing Collective up for long-term success! 

Special thanks to our team sponsors for their continued support:


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