The St. Paul & Ramsey County Domestic Abuse Intervention Project

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       Providing Critical Services and Protection for Victims of Domestic Violence

Over 5,800 domestic assault victims and their children received crucial protection and transitional support from the Saint Paul and Ramsey County Domestic Abuse Intervention Project (SPIP) this year.  An additional 8,000 people affected by domestic violence reached out for assistance through SPIP’s 24-hour crisis line.

"SPIP saved my life…  I would not be here without them.  I now know I am strong and capable of doing anything."   — Victim/Survivor

Due to the pandemic, we have seen a substantial 12% increase in requests for our services.   This year, 9% of victims were homeless at the time they reached out for SPIP's services, and we have successfully assisted over 90% in sustaining their housing.  Our Advocates contact victims as soon as a domestic incident is reported to offer critical services and support.  

In the words of one survivor,

“I can’t believe when the whole world is closed you guys are still open and calling me this late. 

I can’t tell you what it means.”

SPIP’s broad-continuum of critical, comprehensive services increase domestic abuse victims’ long- term protection and promote their well-being − enabling them to obtain the resources necessary to survive and offering families multiple options to move forward to stable futures, free from violence.  

Staff, board and volunteers reflect the diverse cultures and languages of the communities SPIP serves.    Services provided include:

  • Direct crisis intervention and safety planning for victims and children
  • Legal advocacy services for civil and criminal court cases
  • Home visits with Advocates and police to reduce risk of imminent harm
  • Legal representation in civil legal matters
  • Transitional services toward a stable, safe environment: includes staying safe in the home; lock changes, 911 phones, food, clothing, landlord assistance, medical services, victim reparations, financial assistance, visitations, childcare, education  opportunities, counseling, etc.
  • 24-hour support
  • Culturally-specific, multi-lingual staff offer culturally sensitive support and education
  • Weekly support, education and community-building  group sessions
  • All services are free, confidential and accessible

Help domestic abuse victims live free from violence.


Here’s how you can help domestic abuse victims at SPIP!

  • $35  buys gas for one week – providing transportation to work and school
  • $60  funds kids’ winter jacket (s) and boots
  • $100  finances new locks to secure a home
  • $125  purchases one week of groceries for a victim and two children 
  • $200  covers four hours of crisis advocacy services to ensure a victim’s and her children’s safety and well-being immediately after an assault 
  • $500  helps prevent a victim and her children from becoming homeless  
  • $1,000  provides all of the above to a victim and her children
  • Thank You!!!

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