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This year we have a goal to raise $2,500 to help patch our budget for the year as we missed out on some revenue opportunities due to COVID-19.

In addition our Board of Trustees will add $500 to the total if we meet this goal - so help us reach the $2,500 mark!

As a reminder, we rely 100% on your donations to pay for the administration, which includes office rent, newsletter printing, website hosting, insurance, etc.  But there's so much more we can do!  Our goal is to create a full-fledged St. Louis Park History Center, where we can make even more historical records, photos, and artifacts available to the  public.  With a museum we can stage events, create displays, and provide a place to conduct research.  It would be a destination for residents, tourists, and our prodigal sons and daughters visiting their home town.

Every donation brings us closer to these ambitious goals.  Thank you for helping preserve Park's history!

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Significantly impacted by pandemic


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