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Give the the Max 2019

NOVEMBER 14, 2019

Welcome to St. John the Baptist Catholic School. We are the only toddler through 8th grade Catholic Montessori School in Minnesota. We are located on the edge of Lake Galpin in Excelsior.  We welcome all to learn about who we are, what we do and the wonderful outcomes available as a result of participating in our community.  To learn more visit our website

Once a year, Minnesotans turn their attention to giving and sharing of resources including making donations to a charity of their choice.  GIVE TO THE MAX provides us with the opportunity to spread the word, tell our story while raising funds to support special projects.  

St. John’s 2019 - 2020 GIVE TO THE MAX donations will continue the growth for the Farm to School Program operated by enrolled students, volunteers, staff and a Master Gardener.

As the outdoor soil takes time to replenish over the winter, and St. John’s Catholic Montessori students prepare for spring planting seedlings, volunteers are designing three new garden spots adding to the existing program.

At St. John’s your donation comes around full circle.  All donations, go directly to the Farm to School Project.  In collaboration with a local youth mentoring organization, our new farm initiative will return on investment in many ways - the best of course are the results of the garden products used in the kitchen to prepare hot meals for students.  While we teach values, responsibility and skills for a lifetime of self-sufficiency, “teach a man to fish and he will never be hungry” a new generation of gardeners prepare for their future. 

This day helps us to think about how God has offered us the tools necessary for all mankind.  The soil under our feet, our personal garden skills, love for the environment, the feeling of being thankful for the gifts we have and a time to be grateful.  Take this day, provide a donation to St. John’s Montessori School’s Farm Project, stop by and watch the progress.  We are excited - catch the spirit it’s free!    

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