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A caring home for seniors where they can find calm from the storms of life regardless of status.

Soup for the Soul

St. Ann's Soup Steamers TodaySt. Ann's Kitchen Circa 1963

Our goal this year is to raise $3,000 to repair crucial kitchen equipment like our soup steamers. 

Nothing has the power to comfort like a homemade meal. And soup is the king of comfort meals! Whether you are feeling down, feeling under the weather, or trying to stay warm during cold weather, a bowl of homemade soup, simmered slowly on the stove and labored over with love is a salve for the soul. Our steamers allow us to provide fresh, nutritious, homemade meals for our residents. Unfortunately, our steamers are as old as our building, and due to their breakdown, we’ve had to stop making our fresh, heartwarming recipes.

Keeping our equipment functioning properly is crucial to St. Ann’s commitment to our mission:

  • Maintaining the nutritional standards of our meal program.
  • Continuing to provide a holistic wellness program for our residents that encompasses both physical and mental health.
  • Fulfilling our belief that St. Ann’s is not just a business, a framework for housing the individual who seeks shelter and food.  “It is a home where a fuller, richer life is provided…it is a service…a service of love for people…” – Sister Aloyse Flynn

St. Ann's is a non-denominational assisted living facility in the Center City neighborhood of Duluth, that has been providing services for 64 years. Many of our customers come to us with little or no assets. Sometimes they don't have the available funds for a deposit fee, or enough social security or retirement funds to afford even our lowest-priced room. Our organization strives to work with each individual’s situation, utilizing all resources, to facilitate their admittance for residency.

As a non-profit organization, we:

  • Offer adjusted or reduced rent for those in need
  • Accept HUD rental subsidies
  • Assist those in need of healthcare services through the Elderly Waiver program. This program is a governmental, subsidized program that does not reimburse our organization for 100% of the cost of the individual's care. Unlike other senior facilities, we have no caps on the number of residents admitted under this program.
  • Allow seniors to stay independent in their community where they have grown up, worked, and raised families.

Your donation to St. Ann’s will allow St. Ann's to continue to provide stability, comfort, and safety to our residents at affordable prices, giving options to those who would have nowhere else to go. 


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