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The playground equipment at Sunset Terrace Elementary needs to be replaced. We have a goal of raising $50,000 by Feb. 28th, 2013.

We have already raised over $24,000!!!!  Please help us get to $50,000! Also, mark your calendars for Feb. 7, 2013 for BaconFest! (

Why are we replacing the playground?  What’s wrong with the old one?  Everyone hates the rocks that are the current ground cover on our playground.  But, the rocks are just one of the reasons!  Our current structure is over 25 years old, is rusty, has missing pieces and is not up to today’s safety standards.  It can no longer be repaired and replacement parts are not available.  It is also not accessible to some of our students because of…you guessed it….the ROCKS! 

What is the plan?  Our primary goal is to replace the large play structure.  During the summer of 2013, the large climber and rock ground cover will be removed.  The surface will be prepared, a new climber installed and soft tile will be laid under the new equipment.  The current swings, handicap swings and small climber will remain in place, but new ground covering will be installed.  Future plans may include new swings, an additional climber or other free-standing playground structures.

How much will it cost?  We are currently working with several playground equipment companies to design a playground.  The actual structure will depend on the funds raised during the next year.  We anticipate that a large structure plus installation and our portion of the soft tile will be between $40,000 and $50,000.

How will we raise that much money?!?!?  PTA and the playground committee have begun discussions to raise the necessary funds for this huge project.  Our goal is to minimize the work for our students and families.  PTA has already raised over $23,000 for the playground.  We plan to approach area businesses for donations or to sponsor our project.  We are also looking into grants that will provide funds for this type of project.  Our next big event will be Bacon Fest on February 7th, 2013.  This huge fundraiser will be a part of Rochester's Winterfest Event.  Other upcoming fundraisers will include Chuck E Cheese Nights, Wendy's Nights and other dining out events.

How can I help?  We want everyone to be involved in making this dream a reality for our children!  Here are some suggestions for getting involved:

Donate today!  Donations can be made online through this site.

Donations can also be dropped off or mailed to:

Sunset Terrace PTA
Attn: Playground Committee
1707 19th Ave NW
Rochester, MN 55901 

Save the Date for Bacon Fest!  February 7th, 2013  Every bacon dish you can imagine will be served!  Join us!

~  Join the Playground Committee – You can help design our new playground!  Strong communication skills?  Help us approach area businesses for donations and sponsorships.  Grant writing experience?  Help us put together grant proposals.  Project management skills?  Volunteer to help with planning our fundraising walk.  Artistic?  Design our bulletin board to advertise the project and keep the excitement going all year long!  You name it….we can use your help on the playground committee!!!

~  Everyone can help by getting excited about our new playground!  Imagine the sense of community we can build through working together and achieving our goal!

Thank you for your support!

Angela Launsbach, Angie Kilker, Jennifer Jacobs & Tracy Jones

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