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While the city struggles with COVID-19, a depressed economy, and city service cuts, Sustainable Stillwater MN is working behind the scenes to bring about a green recovery.

 Projects Being Launched Need Your Help:

  •  A Stillwater Green Business Directory and Awards, designed to help businesses recover from the pandemic with cost-effective eco-friendly products and services that attract a new generation of environmentally and socially conscious consumers.
  •  A bike-friendly initiative aimed at making our streets safer for bicyclists and pedestrians.
  •  Natural resource projects like building rain gardens, maintaining storm drains, eliminating invasive plants, and preventing cigarette waste from reaching the river.  
  •  GreenStep City team that works hand-in-hand with the city to urge them to implement healthier, less expensive policies like clean energy, more open spaces, waste reduction, and more.


Make Stillwater More Resilient

  • Help us reduce Stillwater’s carbon footprint and foster a healthier, greener community.
  •  Help us encourage businesses to become more sustainable with our Green Business Directory and Awards.


Tax-Deductible Contributions Needed

 If you’re planning year-end contributions, add us to your list — have the satisfaction of knowing you are not only helping a good cause but your own community.  Invest in an organization specifically improving your life, helping the community, and fighting climate change.  


Return from the Pandemic - Let’s Make It a Green Recovery!

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