Making lifelong changes among children and families for over forty years!

Since 1974, Southside Family Nurturing Center has  offered critical services to families who have experienced trauma. After forty years of supporting thousands of children and parents, we know that early intervention and working with all family members is a successful model to build brighter futures for children. It works!

Southside Family Nurturing Center invests in young children and their families. We do this through:

  • therapeutic early childhood education classrooms;
  • speech, occupational, and play therapy services; and
  • intensive family engagement services including support groups, recreational activities, and weekly home visiting.

Southside Family Nurturing Center’s services are free of charge and families participate voluntarily.

One of our many success stories:

Meet Iris! Iris is five years old and her family has been involved with SSFNC on and off for the past twelve years. Iris' mother, Sandra, and father, Max, first enrolled their son in SSFNC's programs several years ago. They returned when Iris was a toddler and now she has graduated from SSFNC and is beginning her new journey in kindergarten!

Iris initially demonstrated challenges in gross motor skill development, paying attention, and developing relationships, largely as a result of being alcohol affected at birth and having experienced trauma at home. Sandra and Max's relationship was often unstable and Sandra went through periods of heavy drinking. Sandra also faced physical challenges, often making it difficult to manage Iris' energy or access necessary services in the community.

Iris received speech, occupational, and play therapy at SSFNC. Her teachers worked hard to help her build the skills she needed to communicate effectively with other kids and teachers. Over time, Iris improved her ability to build relationships and became quite a leader in her classroom! After years of hard work she takes pride in the milestones she has achieved, such as being able to spell and write her name.

Sandra and Max are working on parenting Iris together, even while their own relationship has changed. Sandra was regularly attending Family Day and Family Night events and welcomed frequent home visits from her Family Worker. After all her time here with her family, Sandra expressed how grateful she is for the support she and their children have received from SSFNC.

While Iris and her family still face the burden of poverty and other challenges, we are awed by the growth we have seen in Iris’ social development, emotional regulation, relationship building, gross motor skills, confidence, and vitality! We also know that Sandra and Max are also much more equipped to meet each day’s challenges than when they first stepped through our doors over a decade ago.

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