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Our mission is to work alongside community members of Cite Soleil to strengthen Cite Soleil Haiti’s youth through inspiration, empowerment, community and peacemaking.

Since the founding of Sprint to Cite Soleil in 2016, the Sprint Family has never been more concerned about the wellbeing of the people in Cite Soleil. After the assassination of Haiti’s president in 2021, political tensions have suffocated Cite Soleil and violence in this community has grown exponentially. Cite Soleil is known to be one of the poorest, dangerous and dirtiest cities in the whole world. Government representatives lack power in the region because the area is managed by several armed gangs who fight among themselves for power and control of the community. Unfortunately, this type of poverty and gang presence often prohibits children in the community access to food and ability to attend school or see a doctor. With nowhere else to turn, many desperately join gangs which promote violence, drugs and many other dangerous activities that only hurt the community more. This cycle is strong and detrimental to the happiness and health of those living in Cite Soleil.

With this being said, Sprint to Cite Soleil has been persistent since 2016 to fulfill our mission to work alongside the community of Cite Soleil to inspire, empower, and create peace. Despite schools, banks, libraries and many community programs being forced to close, Sprint has still found ways to support our kids, our coaches and their families. In the past, we switched our practice location to a safer area and delivered meals to Sprint families on weekends when practice was too dangerous to hold. Sprint is currently one of the only local programs still operating in Cite Soleil at this time. This success is only possible due to our incredible team in Haiti and their commitment towards their community, the people of Cite Soleil, and the Sprint program.

While Sprint to Cite Soleil has experienced incredible success in the past, our ability to uphold our mission would not be possible without the incredible people who believe in our purpose and have financially supported us through donation. The Sprint to Cite Soleil team is asking those who are willing and able to please support us during this time of giving. Thank you to everyone who has continuously supported us! If anyone has any questions regarding this program, donation opportunities or more, please reach out to us via sprinttocitesoleil@gmail.com. 

Gen Espwa (Have hope!),

The Sprint Family

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