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We are fundraising to send kids with economic need to Space Camp and support all our programs at The Mars Generation.

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We are fundraising to send kids with financial need to space camp and support all The Mars Generation programs and our mission. Scroll to the bottom to see our mission and programs description.

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About The Mars Generation

The mission of The Mars Generation is to excite young people and adults about human space exploration and STEM/STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) education and foster an understanding of the importance of these two elements to the future of humankind on Earth.

The goal of the organization is to advance public interest in human space exploration and advocate for NASA’s journey to Mars. The Mars Generation will also serve as a catalyst to identify students with an interest in these areas and nurture their study in STEM education.

The focus of the organization is to build a collaborative network of community outreach efforts, working towards a collective goal of educating and exciting young people and adults about the importance of human space exploration and STEM education. The outreach will focus not only on exciting people about space, but also educating them about the economic advantage of investing in space exploration.

About The Mars Generation Programs

The Future Of Space Outreach Program

This popular, worldwide outreach program is designed to inspire dreaming big, gaining excitement about STEM, and supporting space exploration. Developed in 2013 by Astronaut Abby, the program continues to thrive, serving Abby’s online community of over 400,000 people with ongoing space and STEM news to fuel their own excitement. The Mars Generation will now operate the Future of Space Program to empower space enthusiasts to share their own passion for space and advocate for human space exploration to continue and grow. Abby will continue to speak at schools and keynotes for events, host web chats and write for science, space and mainstream publications as part of the program.

Student Space Ambassador Program

This mentorship program inspires teens and young adults to share their own excitement about space exploration with their own communities. This program is free and is available for anyone ages 13-24. Parents and teachers may also sign up to use the resources available. Sign up to receive information about our Student Space Ambassador Program.

Space Camp Scholarship Program

A scholarship program to provide 100% funding (including airfare) for kids with aptitude in STEM and with financial need to attend Space Camp®. Providing exceptional, inspirational experiences to talented kids can help shape their future educational and career choices. Students will be nominated by teachers for this scholarship and must qualify for the federal free and reduced lunch program to be considered. Sign up on our scholarship emailing list to receive information for the scholarship nomination as it becomes available.

What is The Mars Generation and why should you support us? Find out from our founder 18-year-old Astronaut Abby.

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