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South Uptown is a vibrant neighborhood of friendly people in southwest Minneapolis. The neighborhood is bounded by west Lake Street to the north, west 36th Street to the south, Hennepin Avenue to the west, and Lyndale Avenue to the east. The community is made up of a dense mix of housing, businesses and nonprofits connected by walkable, tree-lined streets.

South Uptown Neighborhood Association is a collaboration of neighbors working together to strengthen and improve the community.  The organization needs your volunteer and financial support in order to continue our important work that includes:

- Building connections amongst neighbors.

- Hosting community meetings that inform and solicit input about crucial issues.

- Promoting crime prevention strategies and safety info.

- Sponsoring projects to keep the neighborhood clean, green and beautiful.

- Amplifying neighbor concerns to government officials, developers and other stakeholders.

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South Uptown Neighborhood Association

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