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Our Mission is to uplift people by providing solar equipment and education to schools, healthcare providers and small business.   Our solar installs power lighting for students and healthcare providers.  Our solar relieves small businesses from having to purchase expense petrol to power electricity generators - leaving them with more income to take home.  After the success of our first water well pump installation, we hope to install more solar water pumps to provide clean water to communities.

We Uplift those who are most in need, primarily in Africa. Recent projects are in Sierra Leone, Nigeria, and Eswatini. To follow is a list of our focus areas.

Improve Schools - We installed a roof-top solar system at a school library in Dwalile Eswatini in partnership with Books for Africa and the Peace Corps.  The solar electricity is used to power lights and two donated laptop computers.

Aid Healthcare - Pediatric ward lighting is powered by solar electricity from a roof-top system we installed at the rural Kafanchan Hospital in rural Nigeria.  For infants patients with sickle cell anemia infants the lighting is critical for IV starts done at night.  

The series of photos below show lighting at the hospital before the solar system was installed - nurses relied on poor lighting from kerosene lanterns.  In the last photo a nurse flicks the switch and claps when the new solar powered lights come on.                                          



                                     Increase Income - Our solar generation kits are helping rural barbers double their daily income due to not having to buy expensive petrol for generators.   The barber's families report being able to obtain transportation to get their children to school, the ability to buy better quality food, and to afford essential medicine.

Provide Clean Water - We supported digging of a water well that also uses a solar electricity to power a pump for some of the water.  Previously the village had to rely on contaminated water from a nearby stream.

                                                         Electric Bikes - A bicycle that has retrofit with an electric motor to provide pedal assist is being piloted for use in healthcare in Sierra Leone in partnership with the Rural Health Care Initiative. This clean emission-free transportation is powered with a battery charged by solar.  Solar lighting was provided to clinics in this same regions (photo above).          

We Educate We include solar education with each of our projects - providing young people with technical information and use options for solar. 


We Need You!  To continue empowering and uplifting those most in need through use of solar we need your help.  Solar is a clean, renewable gift from the natural world.  Please give generously and push the donate button.  

We also need volunteers and interns contact us at if you are interested.  

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