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Thank you all so much for your participation in Give to the Max! We are humbled and grateful for the support of the Saint Mary's community yesterday. During these times, we are blessed to see how much you all care for the university.

What sets Saint Mary’s University  apart is its dedication to awakening, empowering and nurturing students. This year has certainly given us plenty of challenges to provide that education in the same way; but in true Saint Mary’s form, the university has met these challenges thoughtfully and  head-on, resulting in a successful fall semester on-ground. 

Here are some of the great things we’ve done so far this semester:

     -Continued to enhance facilities like The Adducci Science Center’s Hoffman and Brother Charles to provide state-of-the-art classroom and learning spaces, expanding programming to and the needs of students as they prepare to enter the workforce. 

     -Advocating for an inclusive community where we celebrate diversity and welcome all members of our community.

     -Respectful to our peers, faculty, and staff, ensuring that Saint Mary’s illustrating our values of Lasallian values. 

     -Engaged in the best of what an education at Saint Mary’s has to offer during these times, including strong relationships with professors and exceptional learning experience.  

It's not a coincidence that these activities spell out C.A.R.E. The care  that students, faculty and staff have shown are part of what has made the university successful this semester.   

We know alumni care too, and want to help Saint Mary's continue to be successful during these times!  Help us by making a gift today! We know that everyone is not in the same circumstances as they were before, but please know your support matters, especially, today! By making  a gift today though Give To the Max, your donation could win additional prize grants to support Saint Mary's.  Any gift of $5 or more could win one of the following additional prizes for the university:

  1. Beginning November 1, $500 grant prizes awarded daily
  2. $500 Golden Tickets every 15 minutes on Give to the Max Day 2020
  3. $6,000 Power Hours at 10 a.m. and 10 p.m.
  4. A grand prize of $10,000

Thank you for being a part of this special day, and for all the ways you support Saint Mary’s.

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