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Skewed Visions fosters innovative, thoughtful artistic practice, questioning the way things are.

Skewed Visions belongs to the long tradition that sees art as a fiercely independent response to reality. We are not satisfied with received ideas of what an arts experience should be, and we work to change the landscape of daily life. Members are a fundamental support to this effort. Our general operating costs are less than $10,000 each year. Our goal is to raise $5000 every six months.

From our 1997 installation, Urban Sirens, in an office storefront window, to our cell phone/GPS enabled exploration Invisible City, through our 2019 exploration of dystopian chaos and hope, Birds of the Future, to our latest by-mail COVID Memorial performance, State of Loss, Skewed Visions relishes opening doors and minds to thinking differently.

In addition to creating original performance work, our programming includes many ongoing forums for passionately exploring, discussing, improving, and thinking about art of all kinds, including Screen, Notes, Book Talk, and How Dare You! -- all available to members at no charge. Further, we encourage thoughtful work by providing 3 artists with mini-residencies to make their own original work three times a year in 3PLAY.

Yep, we're currently hibernating from public in-person events, and we'll be here to meet you on the other side. But to get there, we will need your help. Thank you.

"Skewed Visions is creating important and ground-breaking work" --Variety

   short excerpt from APPETITE, May 2017

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