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"Called by God to be a community that hears God's Word and does God's work."

We are a friendly, spiritual and energetic Episcopal Church located in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Established in 1856, St. John's has maintained cherished traditions, while also evolving and adapting to the changing face of ministry in the St. Cloud area. Our building reflects many of our values as it is designed to be open, welcoming and adaptable for use. That flexibility and openness is balanced by remaining true to our past which is reflected in the cross that hangs above the altar. Although contemporary in form, it is made of wood salvaged from the altar of a previous Church building which was destroyed by fire in 1969. St. John's members have been an active, public presence for the common good. Our continuing purpose is to cultivate mature Christian disciples, equipping and emboldening them to be Christ's heart, hands, and voice in the world.

Who can attend?

That’s an easy one. Everyone is welcome! Being made in God’s image and welcomed in God’s church is not dependent on race, color, sexual orientation, age, social status or any other designation. As we say in our invitation to communion, “all are welcome at the Lord’s table”. And by the way, don’t worry, you won’t be embarrassed or singled out. You will be a welcomed and respected guest, participating at whatever level is comfortable for you.

But I have squiggly kids that may disrupt.

No problem. Children are in integral part of what Christian living is all about. Parenting is the perfect example of what the writer of the letter to the Hebrews meant in describing the Christian faith as: “the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not yet seen.”  Though we encourage children to be a part of the worshipping community, we do also have a nursery for those who may need a break.

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