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Sisters Rising Worldwide was started in 2018 by a merry band of Sisters of St. Joseph who realized how big their networks were in the Twin Cities and across the world.  They knew that other Sisters and orders had similar networks but how was everyone getting connected?  Sisters Rising Worldwide was created to make a technology platform to connect Sisters around the world who are on the ground working on root causes of poverty and other injustices.  The Sisters keep their heads down and work hard and often don't have time to write grant proposals for funding- this is where SRW steps in.  In addition to a technology platform that will allow Sisters around the world to communicate about best practices, register their projects for funding, and make connections, Sisters Rising Worldwide raises money for their projects.  Projects include the fight against human trafficking, working with domestic violence survivors, and training and educating women and children.  You can be a part of this major change by donating to Sisters Rising Worldwide!

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