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SLCM - Sierra Leone Community in Minnesota

Helping Ebola orphans, providing Basic Medical Supplies for Flood Victims, and Educating children.

These are just some of the programs offered to some of the vulnerable populations in Sierra Leone by SLCM, the Sierra Leone Community in Minnesota.

SLCM is a 501(c) (3) public charity organization registered in the State of Minnesota. SLCM, as an umbrella organization, serves the entire community of Sierra Leoneans in Minnesota and their interests. Our focus programming includes some of the most vulnerable populations in Sierra Leone such as children orphaned by the recent Ebola outbreak, children chronically unable to attend school and on a daily basis having no access to basic meals and basic medication.

Visit us at: for a review of our programming areas.

1.      Disaster Relief Support

Recent floods in highly populated areas of the capital city with no civil infrastructure has left people who had very little with even less. Many are homeless, immobile, living in makeshift camps, dependent upon the support of organizations like SLCM for food and clothing.

100 percent of your support will go directly to the procurement of food and clothing for these families. 

2.      Supporting Ebola orphans

Sierra Leone was declared Ebola-free last week, but the effects of the pandemic remain. As it was during the war, many children lost families and care providers. Some of these children are in camps, newly created orphanages, or just wandering the streets (Officially designated as “Street Children”. SLCM provides basic care support for these children, mainly those who can be identified as having a caregiver such as an orphanage. 

3.      Tuition and school lunch support

SLCM believes, and a preponderance of data shows that a child must have basic meals such as breakfast or lunch to do well in school. SLCM supports Ebola orphans and Street Children with tuition assistance, school uniforms, books, and breakfast or lunch supplemental support.

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