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Sheridan is a diverse Pre-K-5 arts magnet school located in vibrant northeast Minneapolis.

Our mission at Sheridan is to provide every student with a standards-based educational experience. We believe in creating a creative, innovative and responsive school culture that empowers students to be lifelong learners. Sheridan is a diverse Pre-K-5 arts magnet and Spanish immersion school located in the Art district area, northeast Minneapolis. 

Sheridan believes in the potential of our gifted and talented students, therefore we are constantly looking for new ways to support their educational journey. In this regard, Sheridan believes in the Arts as a mean to enhance learning. Arts-infused education builds essential 21st-century skills— the 4 Cs of Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication, and Collaboration.

Please consider making your donation toward one of our projects. Our kids will be so grateful for your support!

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