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Help support the future of Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran Church

The Shepherd of the Lake Foundation is a charitable trust that provides a way for individuals and families to support the ministry and needs of Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran Church (SOLLC). When you contribute to the Foundation, your donation will not be spent, but will be added to the principal balance of the trust. The investment earnings will then be used to further the ministry of SOLLC for years to come. 

The Foundation also supports the future leaders of the church through two scholarships:

  • The John Anderson Youth Scholarship Fund is used to support youth in need of financial assistance to participate in youth activities.
  • The Theodore Anderson Seminary scholarship provides financial support for members of Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran Church who are students at a seminary school affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America and intend to become Lutheran pastors.

We are in need of donations to help support our scholarships.  We are blessed to have a strong youth program at SOLLC, but with this strength comes the need for financial support.  Please consider making a donation to the John Anderson Youth Scholarship.

Simon Peter said to Jesus, “There is a boy here who has five barley loaves and two fish. But what are they among so many people?” (John 6:9) How could such a small amount of food feed five thousand people? Jesus took these meager provisions, fed all the people who had gathered to see him, and even had twelve baskets of food left over. This seemingly insufficient amount of food fed the multitudes of people. In much the same way, your gift to the Foundation, however small, can grow to support the greater ministry of SOLLC. Charitable offerings, in many forms, allow you and others to provide gifts today that will bear larger returns in the years to come. 

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