Senior Chemical Dependency Counseling & Assistance dba Senior Recovery Program

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We believe a personÕs Golden Years are worth recovering. We've seen thousands reclaimed among those seemingly too late in life for change.

We’ve found, with the proper care and adjustments to traditional 12-step programs, the false adages and myths related to addiction among older adults can be soundly overcome. Hope and happiness need not be exclusive realms of the young. Senior Recovery Program is the first provider of these services in the nation (since 1972). It is the only alcohol and chemical dependency program exclusively for seniors in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis & St. Paul, Minnesota that conform to the landmark federal treatment protocols for “Substance Abuse Among Older Adults,” first published by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in 1998. These protocols incorporate carefully designed approaches of intervention, counseling, home visits and peer support to meet the unique needs of seniors experiencing life-threatening substance abuse problems. Critical needs addressed by the Senior Recovery Program include recognizing generational differences (in terms of culture, values, drug use patterns, etc.), and common health or other medical issues of the elderly that may be taken into consideration. In addition, its programs recognize the devastating isolation that often derives from the loss of a supportive extended family, friends and diminished abilities to transport themselves.

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Senior Chemical Dependency Counseling & Assistance dba Senior Recovery Program

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