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Secondhand Hounds, soon to be The Bond Between, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal rescue. Since our founding in 2009, we've rescued over 28,000 dogs, cats and critters.

We have a massive goal next year: to save 4,000 animals while providing and expanding resources to keep pets with their loving families whenever possible. Becoming The Bond Between will allow us to continue building bonds through fostering and adoption, but also reinforce and support those same bonds through the use of animal social services.

We are evolving, constantly. Evolution and collaboration is at the core of who we are because we believe it is the only way to truly make a difference in the communities we serve. We are doubling down on our commitment to help save animals from high kill shelters and animal control agencies. We are working with human oriented nonprofits, like Women's Advocates and MAC-V, to offer respite foster care for pet owners. We are growing our partnerships with tribal communities, offering more veterinary services than ever. We are distributing more pet food and supplies than ever at our Minneapolis pet food shelf.

But the truth is, none of it is possible without you. 

Since 2009, our organization has been working to save animals. Over time it became clear that we don't just save animals - we help save people, too. Because of you, our community, we have rescued over 28,000 animals. We have provided care for hundreds of hospice dogs and cats. We have saved dozens of neonatal animals. We find it impossible to say no to broken animals who need thousands of dollars worth of surgeries. We love every single animal who comes through our doors and we won't stop saying yes until there are no animals dying in shelters. However, all these endeavors require substantial funding. It's a significant financial commitment. Yet, we firmly believe that this represents the future of rescue - discovering innovative approaches to keep pets with their adoring guardians, delivering comprehensive wellness care, spaying/neutering, and much more.

Nothing happens at Secondhand Hounds/The Bond Between without you. Donations from this community are transformational for our organization. They allows us to dream bigger, be more holistic, and save thousands of lives each and every year. To our donors - you make this work possible. You drive us forward and allow us to accept dozens of animals every single week. Thank you. To our engagers, using your connections to introduce our mission to new communities and new people, promoting us through social media and by word of mouth - thank you. To our matching donors, who have been so overwhelmingly supportive of all our goals and of our dreams - thank you. Matching donations make such a huge difference when it comes to fundraising.

You are the difference between no and yes for SO many animals and SO many families. We thank you. Whether you donate $5 or $500, we are indebted to you. Today, you make dreams come true.

There's no need to emphasize the immense positive impact animal companions have on us, both physically and emotionally. Our connection with our animals is vital to our well-being. They offer immeasurable comfort, encourage us to be present, and impart priceless lessons in unconditional love. Recognizing this, I earnestly ask you to show great generosity today. Our need is greater than ever and we promise you this: If you provide us the means, we will find the way. And together we will all thrive.

Thank you for reading this. Thank you for giving. Thank you for believing in this organization – where we are, and where we are going.

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