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Every investment makes a difference at St. Cloud Technical & Community College. From much-needed scholarships to equipment and program development, your gift has immediate impact.

Your gifts not only support students, they contribute to the economic vitality and quality of life in our region. More than 70% of SCTCC students come from within one hour of campus. After graduation, SCTCC alumni choose to stay here to live, work, and raise their families. This is their home.

The work they do in this community is significant. SCTCC generates more than $188 million in the region's economic impact per year with more than 1,200 graduates annually.

SCTCC graduates design and build sturdy structures for our homes, businesses, and schools. SCTCC graduates ensure we have clean drinking water and safe cars and trucks on our rural roads and interstates. SCTCC graduates provide critical, compassionate care in our hospitals, clinics, and during emergency response. They manage our banks and businesses with integrity, ensure a secure technological infrastructure, and help put bright, healthy smiles on our faces. SCTCC graduates truly do make a difference, and you can help make a difference to the future workers in the Central Minnesota region.

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