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In 2004, SCRAM (Stray Cat Rescue Associates MN) was founded as a No-Kill Shelter with the goal of easing cats' suffering and placing them into loving and nurturing environments.  SCRAM is dedicated to cat health, safety and lifelong home placement, as well as providing education on responsible pet ownership.  In our first year alone, we rescued and rehabilitated over 50 cats that were otherwise destined to die --- without ever experiencing the love and security that only a human being can offer.  

As SCRAM grew, word of our rescue operations spread and the need has grown significantly.  Our volunteers at SCRAM work diligently to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome over 600 cats each year.  We cannot continue without your support.  With your help, we won't ever have to turn away a cat in need.

SCRAM is a NON-PROFIT Organization

As a 501(c)(3) organization, your donations are 100% tax deductible.  Our volunteers are never financially compensated.  This labor of love is run by a dedicated group of people who give much of their time to helping cats that have been left to fend for themselves.  Due to the economy and pandemic, demands for our services have more than doubled.  Your donations enable SCRAM to provide life-saving medical needs for cats that we take into our system.  It also enables SCRAM to humanely live trap stray and feral cats and provide their surgeries, spay and neuter procedures, and medical care as needed.  Our goal is to place these cats into loving homes.  Prospective adopters are screened to insure that our cats are placed in homes that will fit the needs of both the cats and their future families.  


In an effort to control feral cat populations, SCRAM works to humanely trap, spay, neuter, and release these cats back to their colonies. Feral cat colonies are assisted by volunteers who provide fresh food, water and shelter daily in "safe areas".   In many instances, it is possible to domesticate a feral cat and these cats are placed for adoption.   


SCRAM's dearest wish is to secure a permanent location to operate our shelter.  This will enable us to keep our cats in one place and give the volunteers 24/7 access to a single location.  When a suitable building becomes available for purchase or lease, it will allow us to host adoption events and store our supplies, as well as providing safety and shelter for our rescued cats and avoid the necessity of moving them from place-to-place for vet care and adoptions.  Please contact Laura if you can provide any assistance in making this dream come true!


Please visit our current fundraising campaign for more information, success stories and ways to give that support our mission.


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