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100 out of 100 people have ancestors; finding them can be a journey of great discovery. We’re here to help you locate long-lost relatives, discover how they celebrated their culture in the “old-country,” and what they brought with and found in Scott County. Discover what jobs were available here and might be in your family tree; what types of clothing your ancestors wore, how they were made and decorated.  What might they have found on arrival in Scott County?  How did they “fit-in”?  What changed from when they arrived to today, and what’s stayed the same? 

We have the answers to these questions because it’s our mission to preserve and share our local history and cultural heritage

  • Our research library has an excellent genealogy index to help you hunt down relations, including census records, family histories, plat maps, and more.  
  • Our archive and collection have over 40,000 photos and 15,000 objects to show you how the past was lived.  

These  resources and items are used to create thought-provoking exhibits and engaging programs where you can discover the history of the ground you walk on, learn the who, what, where, and how of the past, AND why that history is relevant today.

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