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Cross River Heritage Center Preserves Local History

The Schroeder Area Historical Society (SAHS) began in 1996.  Since then they have renovated the old Stickney Inn creating the Cross River Heritage Center. Celebrating 10 years at the Cross River Heritage Center in 2013, the Schroeder Area Historical Society has done exceptional work fulfilling its mission to research, document, record, and preserve the unique history of the Schroeder area.  The goals of   SAHS are to:

• Collect local artifacts and oral histories and preserve them appropriately

• Develop and present exhibits that will inform and engage visitors

• Provide insight and reference for future generations

• Build community

• Partner with other local organizations

• Ensure financial solvency

• Maintain a strong corps of active volunteers

 SAHS vision: Draw from the past, bring to life in the present and preserve for the future.

SAHS began their work with the primary research of gathering photos, artifacts and recording oral histories of people in the Schroeder area.  After collecting their primary research, SAHS historians created 31 storyboards telling the history of Schroeder. The storyboard exhibit was created through Minnesota’s Lake Superior Coastal Grant. The next phase for the SAHS historians was creating a visual story book called Schroeder Area History… as shared by those who lived it through a Minnesota Historical Society grant.

 The Schroeder Area Historical Society oral history collection is now installed on the Minnesota Digital Library Minnesota Reflections website, the first organization to have video oral histories on the Minnesota Reflections website.

 Currently SAHS is participating in a museum assessment program called Steps through a grant from the Minnesota Historical Society.  Steps was developed by the American Association  for State and Local History to help small museums assess their professional development.

 SAHS publishes three newsletters each year. SAHS has a strategic planning meeting each October. The first website was developed in 2006 through a grant from the Cook County Community Fund. SAHS developed a professional brochure in 2012 through a grant from the Lloyd K. Johnson Foundation.  SAHS has a commitment to excellent work and the 8000 visitors each season keep coming back to see the historical exhibits including monthly artist gallery exhibits.

In 2013 SAHS volunteers, with the collaboration of the U. S. Forest Service, created the exhibit “Up from the Ashes: Forest Fires in the Arrowhead.”  Each year there is new exhibit at the Cross River Heritage Center. There were over 3500 volunteer hours recorded in 2012. CRHC is open 10:00- 4:30 pm Tuesday through Saturday, Sunday 1:00 pm- 4:00 pm from Memorial Day weekend to MEA weekend. 

The Schroeder Area Historical Society builds community in many ways, most notably with its annual meeting and community dinner in June and with the John Schroeder Day community celebration in August.  In 2012 SAHS volunteers served dinner to about 100 community members and John Schroeder Day brings in several hundred for a variety of events.  In the dead of winter, when CRHC is closed, community members are invited to CRHC for a weekly cribbage and game night.

Schroeder Area Historical Society raises funds through township and county contributions, memberships, two mail solicitation campaigns, website donations, grants, Lundie/Home Vacation Tour, Wine and Beer Tasting Gala, a gift shop, art shows, two donation boxes at CRHC, township and county contributions and a quilt raffle. 

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