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We are excited to be returning to Treasure Beach in January 2024! Help us bring school supplies to rural Jamaica!

Donations will go to:

  • Purchasing items from our Amazon Wishlist for Sandy Bank Primary School and the Hopewell Basic and Primary Schools.

  • Purchasing heavier school supplies that are available in Jamaica: paper, notebooks, crayons, poster-board, etc for the schools.

  • Covering transportation costs for children in Treasure Beach to attend school.

  • Purchasing books for children in the community.

About Us:

School Supplies for Treasure Beach provides school supplies, laptops, and other educational support to schools and learning centers in St. Elizabeth Parish, Jamaica. The schools we help are in rural areas where children can face geographical and financial limitations finding adequate school supplies.

Education is free in Jamaica through grade 6, but books, supplies, uniforms, and transportation are not free. And getting in and out of rural areas is inconvenient to nearly impossible for many kids. Additionally, after grade 6, education is paid for out of pocket by families. Tuition plus additional fees can put further financial stress on families that already struggle. Our goal is to provide extra support to help these children stay and succeed in school.

We are a 501(c)(3) charity. Donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

Schools and Learning Centers We Serve:

Billy's Bay Learning Centre, Billy's Bay, Jamaica (Saturday School, All Age)

Carisbrook Infant School, Maggotty, Jamaica (Ages 3-5)

Carisbrook Primary School, Maggotty, Jamaica (Ages 6-13)

Hopewell Primary School, Watchwell, Jamaica (Ages 6-13)

Little Fish School, Calabash Bay, Jamaica (Ages 3-5)

Newcombe Valley Primary School, Newcombe Valley, Jamaica (Ages 6-13)

Pedro Plains Primary School, Treasure Beach, Jamaica (Ages 6-13) 

Pondside Primary School, Pondside, Jamaica (Ages 6-13)

Sandy Bank Basic School, Calabash Bay, Jamaica (Ages 3-5)

Sandy Bank Primary School, Calabash Bay, Jamaica (Ages 6-13)

Schoolfield Primary and Infant School, Schoolfield, Jamaica (Ages 6-13)

Top Hill Primary, Treasure Beach, Jamaica, (Ages 6-13)

Treasure Beach Turtle Group Learning Centre, Treasure Beach, Jamaica (All Age)

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