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Save the Boundary Waters leads the effort to protect the Boundary Waters from sulfide-ore copper mining. 
Not this mine, not this place, not ever.

We have an incredible $150,000 match, thanks to our partner, the Manitou Fund, as well as a group of loyal supporters, including Rutabaga Paddlesports, Win and Binky Rockwell, Ann and Dodd Cosgrove, Tom Landwehr, Jenny Vorpagel, and more!

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You can help protect America’s most visited Wilderness. 

The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCA) is America’s most visited Wilderness, consisting of 1.1 million acres of interconnected waterways, uninterrupted forests and diverse wildlife. The Boundary Waters attracts more than 155,000 visitors each year who come to paddle, hike, ski, snowshoe, hunt and fish. Your donation to Northeastern Minnesotans for Wilderness will support the Campaign to Save the Boundary Waters, the group leading the effort to ensure permanent protection for the Boundary Waters, Minnesota's crown jewel, from proposed sulfide-ore copper mining.

Sulfide-ore copper mining threatens the Boundary Waters

Proposed sulfide-ore copper mines in the watershed of the Boundary Waters, near the southern edge of the Wilderness, would severely and permanently harm the BWCA. Pollution from acid mine drainage would flow into the heart of the Boundary Waters destroying thousands of acres of land, massively disrupting wildlife, increasing traffic, and creating noise and air pollution. It would also hurt the existing sustainable amenity-based economy that brings in $913 million dollars annually to the surrounding communities. The downstream flow of acid mine drainage would also threaten Voyageurs National Park, the Superior National Forest and Ontario’s Quetico Provincial Park. Sulfide-ore copper mining this close to the Wilderness is inherently dangerous and will cause damage that cannot be prevented or fixed. 

The Boundary Waters is too special to put at risk.


We need your help. You can help defeat unprecedented attacks on the Boundary Waters

Unfortunately, we are facing a full frontal assault on the progress that we've achieved for the Boundary Waters by the mining industry and their allies in Congress and the Trump Administration. You can help us defend the Wilderness and these unprecedented attacks by donating today to support our legal, educational, and outreach work in Minnesota and across the country.

We're fighting back hard to protect the Boundary Waters, and we’re so glad you're with us. Thanks for all you do for the Boundary Waters.

   The Boundary Waters is a national treasure and a crown jewel of Minnesota. Film credit: Nate Ptacek.

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