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Saving dogs from high kill shelters and horses with no place to go.

The Sanctuary Rescue and Rehabilitation  has been saving high risk animals for 25 years.  We became a 501c3 Non Profit 4 years ago.    We are a foster based, no kill rescue for animals at high risk for euthanasia or that have been labeled as dangerous. These animals likely have no other chance at life.   In the last couple of years our main focus has switched to the strays found on multiple Reservations in ND and SD.    These dogs have no where to go and often die of starvation or abuse.   Some even from fighting over food with other packs of strays.   They adapt amazingly well and are often some of the easiest dogs to retrain and adopt out!   

We are located on 80 acres in Cromwell, MN, and are proud to say that over 45 animals are able to call us home and will have a permanent place in our pack or herd. That count doesn’t include the hundreds of animals that have found their forever homes through our rescue! 

These animals end up with us through no fault of their own. Animals in need of rescue are animals that have been failed by humans.   We are trying to make a difference, one dog and horse at a time. 

With that said, we are unable to save and house these animals without your support. Donations made to The Sanctuary go directly to our operating costs. Currently we need hay for the winter as the summer weather didn’t allow us to put up our necessary supply.   We were only able to put up about half of what we will need to get us through this winter!  And the cost of hay is very high due to the limited quantity and demand.   We need dog food and vetting.  We need to set up automatic waterers and to put up extra fencing to help extend our grazing season and allow for better rotation of fields. 

We love what we do, but we can’t operate without the support of our community. So, to all animal lovers out there, we ask for your help. If you believe in our cause, please donate. $1 and $5 donations add up quickly. We don’t believe any amount is too small to make a big impact. 

The animals will be forever grateful!   The video below is of our Lucky 7 group.  They officially kicked off the start of our non profit status several years ago!   They were a group of ex rodeo bucking horses, headed to slaughter for being deemed too dangerous for the general public.  We fought for this group and were able to raise enough funds to bring them home.   4 of the 7 have found amazing homes, one is even a riding horse to a 5 yr old boy!      Financially we cannot bring anymore horses in.   Not until we can raise some funds to help cover our many expenses.   Along with general vetting, food and hay costs, we need to build permanent shelters, put up a barn, hire a trainer to help with the horse training and would love to put up a dog building and offer training help to adopters!    

   The Lucky 7 was the first group of horses to the rescue! Slaughter bound, deemed dangerous. Now SAFE and happy!

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