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Sahan Journal is one of only four newsrooms in Minnesota that was chosen by Report for America to host their talented journalists (and we're hosting three). 

These reporters will greatly increase the information that you seek regarding immigrants and refugees. Their timely and high-quality essential stories, combined with those of our existing seasoned journalists, will provide you with the news that is difficult to find elsewhere.  

Report for America has provided half of the funds to pay the salaries of these journalists. 

It’s up to us, Sahan Journal and you, to match those funds so that we have the resources needed to keep these journalists working for you through 2021. You can help.   

That’s why today, we’re asking you to become a Sustaining Member of Sahan Journal

This is the easiest and most efficient way to match the funds provided by Report for America AND to sustain the work of these reporters through 2021. 

Each month, we will charge your credit or debit card or make a withdrawl from your checking account in an amount you chose.  It's easy for you and it will give Sahan Journal the financial stability it seeks to provide you with news and information you seek. 

The Importance of Stories about Immigrants and Refugees in Minnesota 

Sahan Journal was launched to cover essential stories about immigrants and refugees in Minnesota because they constitute an important resource to the state. Chances are that you already know of this importance. And we realized that no other news organization was providing this coverage. 

Immigrants have been and will continue to provide important and significant growth through their entrepreneurial activity, consumer spending, tax payments, participation in the labor forces and their less tangible but no less important contribution to the social and cultural diversity of Minnesota.

And as the founder and executive editor of Sahan Journal, Mukhtar Ibrahim, clearly identified, the state needed a newsroom dedicated to providing authentic news reporting for and about immigrants and refugees in Minnesota.  Sahan Journal is Minnesota’s only newsroom that chronicles these stories that are mostly overlooked by traditional news organizations. 

The world we live in today doesn’t much resemble the world of 12 months ago. Rapid change is driving us toward an unknown and in many ways uncertain future. In this period of instability, Sahan Journal has adapted and is serving tens of thousands of readers every month with a new and distinct lens on current events that elevates the stories and voices of Minnesota’s immigrants and refugees. ICE detainees, Mexican and Ethiopian shopkeepers. Liberian health care workers, Somali elders, Hmong farmers. These new Minnesotans’ lives are documented, their knowledge and wisdom shared, and their communities seen.

The Importance of Being a Sahan Journal Sustainer

When you support Sahan Journal through with a financial gift, you will become a founding member of this essential news service that is positioned for growth with you support. 

Since Sahan Journal launched, nearly 100,000 people now read its stories. More and more readers are subscribing to the Sahan Journal newsletter.  And, because you read Sahan Journal, we're asking you to provide the financial support required to sustain it. 

Becoming a Sustaining Member of Sahan Journal is the best way to provide the support that will keep you informed over the long haul. 

Sahan Journal Sustainers make convenient ongoing contributions that are automatically drafted each month. It’s an easy and efficient way to support all the essential stories you rely on through secure, automatic monthly payments from your credit card, debit card or bank account. This means we’ll deduct your designated contribution from your account. It's easy to let us know you'd like to stop or change it.  

Become a Sahan Journal Sustainer today and join many readers who give $15 a month or more.  Your gift will sustain this essential journalism just as Minnesota's new Americans will sustain this great state through many years to come.

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