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The RosiePups Project is a non-profit gift-giving organization, powered by Rose Aka Mama Rosie & her team of accredited therapy dogs, The Rose Pack. Together, Rose sends her superhero plush puppies, known as RosiePups, to children & seniors in overwhelming situations to watch over them & learn from their super ways.

The Issue | There are far too many kids in hospital and seniors left in homes, either sad, lonely, bored or hurting.

The Fix | As an organization, we gift super-strength through personalized puppy care packages and visits. Our love and donations are gifted by magical superhero therapy dogs, known as "The Rose Pack", during their visits to kids in children's hospitals and seniors in assisted living. Specifically, these gifts are Rose's stuffed super "babies" left to watch over and learn from recipients called "Hero-BFFs". These individuals inspire and ground us while allowing us to appreciate what we have in our lives and re-evaluate what means most within them. These heroes truly light up the earth in the dark places their symptoms have gotten them. In response, it is our job to answer their calls for relief, connectivity and distraction - and do it is the MOST fun and impactful way possible...

To make this experience as fun, impactful & engaging as possible for those we serve, creating a brand identity that is uniform and well-thought-out was key. Once we developed our brand voice and design, we were able to come up with wonderful, unique products that we could create and distribute on top of our therapy dog visits. These included capes, comics and trading cards (seen below). With our uniform super-voices projected and the various goodies passed around, our beneficiaries were better able to understand who we are, how they can relate to us, and most importantly, how together we can improve all our lives.

The Preface | But interaction and understanding of our project goes beyond's welcoming our stakeholders to be a part of our story. For these individuals to be a part of our story, they must know its beginnings. So, we chronologically packaged our project's events into a tale that could be told to all ages; ROSE & THE LITTER OF LIGHTS™. The piece allows its readers to journey from Rose's birth to her and Super Steve practicing therapy work to finding ways to improve their overall visits' impacts.  The real-life excerpts were written with a tone of make-believe so that we could captivate our young demographic base while allowing them to dream. We are believers that imaginations and forward-looking  metaphysically help them get through treatment or recovery. Specifically, they'd be able to imagine a better future than their present.

The Story | The following is a synopsis of our 1st RosiePups™ comic, ROSE & THE LITTER OF LIGHTS™, which leads us to the days were RosiePups™ roam the Earth. Again, let your imagination run free as it helps you follow along....

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