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Rosemount Elementary School 

Elementary school is an exciting time for young learners who are exploring new curriculum and building their knowledge of core subjects areas. At the same time, teachers are working alongside students to grow their social-emotional intelligence and help them live "the Irish Way."  Our amazing RES teachers are dedicated to providing supportive learning environments that allow students to explore the outer limits of their vast potential.  The more resources we are able to provide to our school, the more our teachers and students benefit!

Please consider a gift to Rosemount Elementary!  Remember, your gift could be selected randomly throughout the day to receive a golden ticket!  $500 golden tickets will be given out every 15 minutes and hourly golden tickets will provide the organization the gift was given to with $1000!  A $30 GIFT FROM A PARENT RESULTED IN A $2,000 GOLDEN TICKET FOR RES IN 2014 - LET'S MAKE IT HAPPEN AGAIN!  There is also a super-sized golden ticket worth $10,000 that will be selected at the end of the event.  

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