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The Rosemount Area Arts Council (RAAC) is committed to bringing high quality arts and entertainment to all residents in the Rosemount Area, regardless of age, gender, income or abilities. We are dedicated to having fun while serving our community. You can help support RAAC with your donation. 

We are a 100% volunteer run and financially independent organization. But, we get lots of things done to add to the quality of our community. RAAC was awarded the MRAC Arts Achievement Award in July 2013 for its body of work, and community impact.

From our Mayor and City Council:

 “[RAAC ] is huge in the fabric of the Rosemount community.  You are a wonderful treasure in the City of Rosemount."  MayorJeff Wiesensel

“I’m awed in what you have accomplished as an organization . . . the richness that you bring to our community . . . These events go beyond entertainment. They are educational. And they strengthen the bond of community, so important in a city that has experienced rapid growth."  Former mayor, William Droste

 “You’ve put the WOW factor back into what’s happening in Rosemount.  Former Council member Mark DeBettignies

What do members think about RAAC?

"A small group of individuals came together 15 years ago to create an organization dedicated to celebrating the arts. And celebrate we have! We put on plays produced by two theater companies, offer festivals and concerts to a diverse community, coordinate book fairs and art shows, find new artists and showcase their work at the gallery in the Steeple Center in Rosemount, display student and emerging artists' work at the local library, meet new authors, and have a week-long celebration of the arts at our annual ArtBlast. I'm delighted to be part of RAAC."  Ann

"I had a BIG idea for a Christmas variety show one July. We had no money to mount this show. At our board meeting, the first response was 'great idea, but there isn't time or money -- maybe next year.' But as the ideas started to bubble up, we arrived at the decision to go for it. We had just five months to pull it all together, and we pulled off a great show that sold out two performances! The community loved it! It's become one of our annual offerings. This is a can-do group of people who pull together to make big things happen. I personally felt proud to be a part of RAAC"  Jim

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