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           Here at Rosegate Furever Home, we have had a wonderful year so far. The perimeter fence has been fully installed around the three acres of property (marked red on the picture below) so we can keep the critters safe inside and the wilder life out. We have also just replaced the old windows and doors here in the old farmhouse and that helps with keeping things warm and a clear view for the kitty bird watchers. We have also completed the 'Cat-nesium', an indoor playground for the cats.  Most importantly, a few new, young, and 'special needs' rescues have been added to the ranks with happy results. We have also changed our name from Rosegate Retirement Home for Dogs and Cats to Rosegate Furever Home.

           Rosegate Furever Home also fosters mother cats and their litters until adoption age. We provide in house Hospice and long-distance Reiki healing with Certified Reiki masters in traditional Japanese (Usui Shiki Ryoho) Reiki and Tibetan Raku Kei Reiki. (read more details on the website: We have taken care of pets with Lyme disease, Canine Idiopathic Vestibular Disease, Chronic Kidney Disease, Diabetes, Squamous Cell Carcinoma, and Anxiety. Recently we lost GiGi (16), CeeCee (21), Mr. Mau (5) and are currently giving a home to Sammy, Lucy, Augustina, Kahili, and Miss Millie (dog) diagnosed with demodectic mange. These cats have some anxiety, weight management, and emotional bonding issues. Please send love to them and peace to us. We also have agreements to care for several doggies when their owners pass and that gives us some measure of pride since these people feel we are doing a fantastic job and wish their beloved fur babies to have that security in their time of need.

Rosegate is a small non-profit 501(c)3 organization, located here in Correll, Minnesota. Originally founded and funded by ourselves (husband and wife team) and now assisted with some kind and welcomed donations and sponsors. 

Since we are a tiny operation with a big dream, our next goal is $2,000+ which will help us (partially) with the purchase of our neighbor's 2+ acre property (we have the other half).  Yes, we are still waiting... :( The current owner, our neighbor is a retired farmer now with some heart issue and we are interested in purchasing this rough little gem for years. It would help us to bring in more animals and take a small burden from the shoulders of our neighbors. Our dream is to create maybe a new Animal Shelter?

Vision: There are 3 outbuildings of various sizes that with proper renovations would afford the infrastructure needed to provide the dogs or residents as we think of them, with all that would be necessary. The main building is large enough to create personal and communal space for a couple of dozen dogs/cats and even a generous loft for visiting staff and volunteers to stay overnight or longer. Kitchen space for meal and medicine preparation would be installed as well as a bathing and grooming room. An office could also be fitted in for business needs. The second building is smaller but still of considerable dimensions and would be dedicated to a clinic setting for visiting veterinarians and healers. New arrivals would have a quiet environment to be examined and their health concerns determined. They can be bathed and groomed for their integration into the family. There would also be a kennel room for the sick or injured for their safety while healing. Finally, there is a third smaller building to renovate for a laundry and food storage facility.



Once an abandoned animal comes to us, we hope that we create such an environment that they will intuitively know they will not be moved on again. They are home for good and can forget their trauma of uncertainty and loss.

So, please if you think that this is a good cause, open your heart and your wallet. Your help is greatly appreciated and you can know that your generosity has been part of this great mission.

Mission Statement: Rosegate Furever Home is committed to providing safety, security, and comfort to pets of all ages. We are limited to the number of animals that can be accepted. We are not a warehouse of cages but a cozy old farmhouse. It is very important that the animals that we do take in are not aggressive or possessive so the animals live in harmony and happiness together. We provide a loving home, high-quality foods, veterinary care, compassion, comfort, and peaceful home for neglected, abandoned, rescued, or special needs dogs and cats. 


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