Rooster Redemption

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All roosters deserve love and life.

Rooster Redemption is a sanctuary located in Center City, MN established in 2016 exclusively rescuing and caring for male chickens.  We started with just 3 roosters and currently care for 25, and have rescued 40 total.  Maintaining this lower capacity allows us to treat each bird as an individual.

Chickens are the most exploited, invisible, discarded, and abused land animal on the planet.  We are devoted to recognizing each of our birds as an individual by treating them with dignity, love, and respect.  We see roosters as having powerful voices and we are here to amplify them.

Our rescues have come from a variety of situations including cockfighting, school hatching projects, abandonment, religious sacrifice, and slaughter.

Rooster Redemption is smashing the stigma put upon roosters. We're proud to defend these misunderstood birds and seek to help others embrace them as colorful companions.

What your donations will support:  

1.  Veterinary care, routine and emergency  

2.  Winter needs including bedding and increased electric and gas bills for our state-of-the-art heated barn   

We sincerely thank you for supporting the "underdogs" of the rescue world, where birds are often looked at as "less than" and not given the same quality of care and consideration as other rescued species.  

With much love,

Melanie Moonstone, Founder and Operator

Rooster Redemption

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