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The vision at RHS is for students to be college and career ready upon graduation. Our mission is: "Our Learners are Tomorrow's Leaders".

Two signature programs that we have at Rockford High School are our LINK program and our AVID program.  Both programs are helping us realize our mission.

To begin, at Rockford High School, we believe that in order for students to be successful in school they need to feel that school is a safe and welcoming place.  Our LINK program was instituted to help transition our 8th graders into the high school.  Over the years this has proven to be very successful and is one of the highlights as students look back on their freshman year.  The LINK program takes juniors and seniors and pairs them together to lead a crew of 15-20 freshmen.  Throughout the year they mentor the freshmen and provide a friendly face for them as they acclimate to their new surroundings.

Another program helping us to realize our mission is our AVID program.  AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination.  AVID aims to get students in the middle the skills needed to be successful in college.  Often schools do a good job servicing kids on both ends of the academic spectrum, but lacks programming for the students in the middle.  AVID helps us address those students by getting them into an elective class the helps them develop the necessary skills for success in the kind of rigorous coursework one needs to prepare for success in college.

Both of these programs rely on extensive amounts of training to ensure that the teachers involved in these programs are able to provide the kind of learning experiences that will help the programs to be successful.  Those trainings can be expensive, so money raised through GiveMN will be used to offset the expenses incurred to keep these programs helping our students.

To conclude, both the LINK and AVID programs will benefit from your generosity and help us continue to make our students college and career ready upon graduation because we truly believe, "Our Learners are Tomorrow's Leaders".

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