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Welcome to Rock Ridge Public Schools, the home of the Wolverines. Slated to open in the fall of 2023, Rock Ridge is the newly created school district that consolidates the Eveleth-Gilbert and Virginia Public Schools. Located on the Iron Range in northeastern Minnesota, the communities of Eveleth, Gilbert, and Virginia have joined to build, for the first time in over 100 years, a brand new academies style high school, two elementary schools, and all-new activity facilities. Being rivals for the past 100 years, this is quite a fantastic project. The voters in each community supported this project by approving a local bond referendum. This project is going to be a most impressive one! Our students and communities will benefit from this investment for many years to come. Our aging buildings and infrastructure have been unable to prepare our students for the very changing education landscape. Our academy style learning will prepare our students for college and career readiness. We plan to provide the best, most up-to-date learning experiences for our students. 

This consolidation has joined all of our activities and athletics. Our first significant fundraising opportunity is to outfit all of our activities and athletics in Rock Ridge Wolverine uniforms. This is an incredible cost and your help in this project will be greatly appreciated. We need to outfit students in 7th through 12th grade in all activities(band, choir, poms, rifles, flags, etc.) and athletics(football, hockey, baseball, volleyball, tennis, etc.). This is estimated to cost $400,000. Our new school colors don't allow us to recycle much of the gear and uniforms. We want to get our teams and activities outfitted in the safest and best uniforms and equipment available. We hope you will join our #RockRidgeRising campaign to help us make this the best school district it can ever be. 

A second significant fundraising opportunity is our two indoor playgrounds. We know how much research is supporting "play" for our elementary students. We live in a harsh climate for consistent outdoor play. We get outside every chance we can and will keep this as a priority. Whether it be rain, snow, or cold, we have a tough time getting our kids quality outdoor play. We are investing in high-quality indoor play spaces. Our new elementary schools will have large, indoor play spaces with climbing equipment and running areas. We want our kids to get the opportunity to learn through play. These play spaces are a cost that we need support to achieve. We believe this is a fiscally responsible plan and know it will benefit our students and communities. People will come at many hours outside of the school day and weekends for family play. We lack in quality, indoor space and plan to be the best opportunity for our families to get their kids into play situations. So much quality learning can happen in unstructured play. The positive impacts of play on physical and mental health are immeasurable. The indoor playgrounds are an integral part of our #RockRidgeRising campaign, and we appreciate you considering to support this project.


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