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Rock of Ages Lighthouse and its proximity to Isle Royale, offers a unique opportunity to experience the extraordinary solitude and beauty of Lake Superior exactly as the Lighthouse Keepers did 100 years ago. It is the ability of the Rock of Ages Lighthouse to transport people back in time to experience a way of life that no longer exists which makes this historic structure worth saving.  In an increasingly technology driven and fast paced world, it is rare to be able to find a place that more completely severs ties with the outside world.

Rock of Ages Lighthouse is owned by Isle Royale National Park and through a partnership agreement is to be restored, maintained, and operated by Rock of Ages Lighthouse Preservation Society. Heavy restoration work started in the summer of 2015.

Rock of Ages Lighthouse defines solitude; the sight of the Lighthouse by boaters and tourists is not a memory that will soon be forgotten. Those fortunate enough to set foot on the Rock know the overwhelming power of just being there, surrounded by the vast waters of Lake Superior and beauty of Isle Royale.  Nothing is easy about working at Rock of Ages Lighthouse, but it is an extraordinary experience for everyone involved. The value of a restored Rock of Ages Lighthouse, for the public, cannot be overstated. When completed Rock of Ages Lighthouse will be a living Lighthouse again, bringing back a lost way of life, an inspiration to all.

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