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Uniting Rochester Area business and education to ensure a globally competitive workforce.

In Rochester we make believers. Built on big ideas, we are a community of thinkers, collaborators, and go-getters, always striving to realize the next great thing. For 26 years the Rochester Chamber of Commerce Foundation has existed with the purpose of serving this community of movers and shakers, and now we are ready to shake things up ourselves.

Now more than ever is the time to make-believe, and to get carried away with it. What are your ideas and dreams for Rochester? Let’s make them happen. The opportunities and possibilities awaiting our community and our region are endless, but it is up to us to realize them. At the Foundation, we believe that to be a self-sustainingglobally-competitive economy we must cultivate partnerships between our business and educational communities. It falls upon all of us to see this, to believe it and to join together to make it happen.

To be successful we need your support. We need every individual to realize the possibilities, and to realize their place in these efforts. Donate to the Foundation to further the strategic attraction and retention of talent to our region. Donate to the Foundation to advance the development of a creative and critical workforce. Donate to the Foundation to invest in experiential learning opportunities for our youth. Whatever your cause, donate to the Foundation and let’s strive for it together. We know that your vision holds our future, and that collectively we realize Rochester.

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