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At RCLS, our staff, facility, curriculum and technology help students grow academically, emotionally and, especially, spiritually.

RCLS offers an affordable Christian education choice for the Rochester community. The funds given help us keep our tuition at a rate that is affordable to families making one of the most important investments in the lives of their children: a quality, Christian education. Without the generous gifts of our donors, we would not be able to keep our tuition costs so affordable. Further, these donations give us the flexibility to work with families demonstrating a financial need. We do not want money to keep students and families away. It takes financial resources to provide a program as high-quality as RCLS' Christian education; however, we are a ministry, and we strive to welcome each and every family despite their financial need.

The Values We Embrace:

God’s Grace
We value God’s grace by living and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with all through words and actions.

Educational Excellence
We value educational excellence by offering innovative programming that develops the whole child.

Inviting Environment
We value an environment that is inviting to all by embracing each family regardless of their faith traditions, gifts and abilities, or financial resources.

C3 Community
We value a school community that is a Christ-centered, creative and connected – to Christ and each other.

The Mission We Live Out:

RCLS is a school that is grounded in grace, formed in faith and committed to learning for life.   

Everything we do at RCLS centers around Christ.  Because He gave His best for us, we give our best in response! We not only integrate faith into our curriculum, we also live it out through service to others and our community.  Our Curriculum and Academics reflect Christ's excellence by offering more classes and extra-curricular programs than any other school in Rochester.

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Rochester Central Lutheran School

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