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The incredible generosity of our supporters helped us reach our $10,000.  But the work is not done and there is more we can do to help Ronald McDonald House families, so we are stepping up to the challenge and have increased our goal to $25,000.  Our largest Give to the Max Day goal yet!  If you haven't made a gift, there is still time!  Can you help us reach it by making a gift to provide comfort to kids and families?

Robert's Story

In a time of change and uncertainty, 19-month-old Robert is the healthiest he has ever been.

Thanks to you, Robert can travel from North Dakota to Rochester to receive the care he needs!

"Last year when Robert was four months old, we discovered he was having issues - his eyes were cloudy," said Betty, his mom.

The family visited the hospital in Fargo, but were immediately referred to Mayo Clinic.  It was an emergency - Robert needed a procedure as soon as possible.

They were in Rochester within 24 hours.

"Mayo is the best hospital in the world," Betty said. "It is where Robert needed to be."

Robert was diagnosed with congenital glaucoma - a rare condition often associated with increased intraocular pressure and optic nerve damage.  He needed immediate surgery because his condition was so severe.

"Our entire family was with him in the hospital," said Betty.  "It was incredible."

The procedure was a success and he was discharged the same day.  The Ronald McDonald House made it possible for the family to stay together and close to Robert's care team.

While staying at the Ronald McDonald House, Betty would make dinner for her entire family while Robert and his siblings played. The kids made colorful art in the Craft Room and the entire family enjoyed running around in the Indoor Activity Room and the Outdoor Plaza.

The kids were always laughing and smiling during the game nights and music therapy the House hosted.

"Staying together as a family..." Betty said. "It was so special for us."

Their experience with the House was unforgettable.

When COVID-19 hit, check-ins were postponed, but the Ronald McDonald House quickly adapted to ensure families like Robert's were safe and supported.

Betty knew they could rely on the House for necessities like diapers, toiletries, meals and snacks.  Staff also made sure the family had toys, coloring books and games to help distract Robert and his siblings on long days and handed out blankets for warmth and comfort.

"The House communicated with us and was here for us," said Betty.  "The House ensured we were cared for and made us feel calm."

Robert will return to Mayo Clinic for checkups - his eyes could increase in pressure, which causes nerve damage and possible blindness. In the face of these unknowns, they continue to have the support their family needs, thanks to you and the Ronald McDonald House.  You can help give Robert his best chance to see the world clearly.

"You care so much and love so much," Betty said.  "You are on the journey with us. It is so beautiful that people know how important the House is for families and that their gifts make it possible."


About the Ronald McDonald House of Rochester, MN

The Ronald McDonald House® of Rochester, Minnesota provides a home away from home and offers support to families seeking medical care for their children.

In 2019, The Ronald McDonald House® of Rochester provided a home to 425 families from around the United States and the world. The House is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  In 2019, the House completed a critical expansion project, growing to meet an increased demand for our services and opening the doors to be a home-away-from-home to 70 families each night.  We are thrilled to share that because of your support, we no longer have a waiting list and are able to welcome families to our facility when their need arises.  

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