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Bringing Help, Hope and Healing to the East Side, St. Paul, MN

Frontier Fellowship, a ministry of Rivertown Christian Ministries Int'l (RCMI), is located in the heart of the East Side of St. Paul, one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the US, where tribes, tongues, nations and peoples merge into a diverse kaleidoscope of culture.  The East Side has a proud heritage, generations of immigrant families and hard-working people, who value family and country.  Threaded through this diversity of race, age and gender though, is a common theme- despair.  Social, emotional, mental, physical and economic challenges bubble out onto the streets in the form of homelessness, loneliness, mental illness, gangs, drugs and sex trafficking.  Children pay the highest price.  The needs are great.  Our God is greater.  

Frontier Fellowship is a discipleship training center, raising up skilled leaders who flood the streets, bringing help, hope and healing to all who will receive.   Help in the form of food, friendship and prayer.  Hope that builds relationships and lights a path to a different future.  Healing that restores broken hearts and souls.  

You can help us reach out to meet the needs of these incredible people.  Your gift of $25, $50 or $100.00 can provide a homeless person with a blanket, feed a family of 4, or help a dad find a job.  Will you help us rebuild the East side of St. Paul?  

Thank you for loving your neighbor as yourself.  

   Street Evangelism- Why We Do It

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