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"The students of Risen Christ must be convinced that they, and every other child ever conceived, is purposefully and intentionally sent into the world by a loving God, with talents and gifts needed to live a good and purposeful life."          

Father Ron Clubb

We begin our 30th anniversary school year reflecting on our guiding theme: Every Encounter / Cada Encuentro.

Inspired by the Gospel story of the road to Emmaus, in which two disciples come across the resurrected Jesus but do not recognize Him, our theme illustrates the profound impact of every encounter in each of our lives. It is only when Jesus breaks the bread that the disciples’ eyes are opened, and they truly recognize Him.

As Pope Francis noted, “Jesus’ encounter with the two disciples of Emmaus is a fleeting one. But the entire destiny of the Church is contained within it.”

Similarly, our 30-year history has only been possible because of the countless encounters with our community. Your encounter with Risen Christ may have been brief or lifelong, but your support continues to be an integral part of Risen Christ’s enduring story. 

To celebrate Risen Christ's 30th anniversary, 
the Catholic Schools Center of Excellence (CSCOE) has generously presented a 
$30,000 Challenge Match opportunity! 

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Please help us meet the Challenge Match by making a gift today. This opportunity is a true challenge, Risen Christ will only receive the matching grant from CSCOE if we raise $30,000 in new gifts by December 31.


“My mom was a single mother. I remember she was asking herself, ‘How do I give my children a better education and how can I afford it?’ Risen Christ made it work for her. When you are young, you don’t know what your parents had to go through. Now that I am older, I have seen [these hardships] for myself. It has taught me the real value of everything and makes me even that much more grateful for my experience at Risen Christ.”

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